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Virtual Assistants

Our Virtual Assistants have extensive experience in many areas, including business management, marketing, and accounting. With our assistance, your business will be a triumph.

Our Services

Accounting & Finance

GMC Accounting and Finance Associates are professionals in the field of accounting. They are experts in utilizing QuickBooks or other accounting software, and they will be in charge of invoicing, bookkeeping, and account reconciliation.

Customer Service Representative

GMC Customer Service Representatives are your partners who are experts in resolving issues and determining the needs of clients to attain satisfaction. Our CSRs will communicate with clients across a range of platforms, including chat, phone, email, and social media, and make sure that all legitimate client complaints are addressed right away.

General Virtual Assistant

GMC Virtual assistants are your partners whom you can trust when it comes to task delegation. Our VAs are here to help you manage your business from the back end while you focus on growing your business.

Graphic Design

GMC Graphic Designers are your creative experts who are in charge of coming up with graphic concepts and picking suitable colors. These Graphic Artists come with great visual design skills, attention to detail, communication skills, and knowledge of design programs like Adobe Creative Suite.

IT Support/MSP

GMC IT Support installs, configures, and monitors hardware and software as well as monitors and maintains the company's computer systems and handles any emerging technical issues.

Sales Representative

GMC Sales Representatives are your partners in selling products and services for your company. From initial lead outreach to contract closing, our Sales Representatives manage customer connections, acting as the primary point of contact.

Social Media Marketing Associate

GMC Marketing Associates are experts and responsible for planning and implementing social marketing and advertising activities. Our associates will be responsible for creating social media contents and editing photos/videos needed in any marketing promotions.

Video Art Director - Video Editor

GMC Video Art Directors also known as Video editors are in charge of organizing content, including video footage, sound effects, graphics, and special effects, to create a finished movie or video output.

We are a team of dedicated professionals who are committed to helping you manage and grow your business.

GMC Back Office Operation Services is a consulting and virtual assistant service provider based in the Philippines. The company was established in June 2021 and has since then served clients with utmost satisfaction.

The company offers a wide range of services to businesses and individuals including administrative support, customer service, data entry and management, bookkeeping, social media management, content writing, and website development. Their team consists of highly skilled professionals who are dedicated to providing exceptional service to their clients.

our Clients trust us


Kelli Cox, CPA, CEPA


I am very excited to move forward with everything and give them more responsibility, Your team is very sharp and I am enjoying working with them, they are improving our quality and processes as we go!


Rome Green, Jr

CEO and Creator

“GMC is best at what they do, they help businesses discover talents from around the globe.”

Arjav Parikh


“Mark was a great addition to our team when we started building our organization. He helped set up processes, delivered on time, and improved various aspects of the collections/credit/financing. He helped train other folks. He was well respected in our team.”


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